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Gas Rates

Swan River Natural Gas Co-op along with the other Co-ops in the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops, are shareholders in Gas Alberta Inc., and we purchase our gas volumes exclusively from Gas Alberta. Swan River Natural Gas applies an additional $1.85 per GJ to the cost of gas provided by Gas Alberta to cover the cost of delivery, insurance, maintenance to pipeline facilities and services such as line locating and emergency response. In addition, a monthly fixed charge of $26.75 and a system improvement rider of $5.50 is charged monthly to help with these costs.

Gas Billing

Monthly bills are sent out the first week of each month and are due by the last day of the same month. Our billing runs one month behind therefore when receiving a bill you are actually paying for the previous month's gas. The bill clearly shows the gas volumes, charges for gas, distribution as well as operating charges. Should you have any concerns or problems with your natural gas bill do not hesitate to contact our office and we will address your concerns.

Due Date

The due date for each monthly gas billing is the last day of the month. A penalty charge of 2% is charge on any overdue amounts. A letter is sent to the address on file for overdue accounts in arrears 90 days or greater. If an arrangement for payment or payment in full is not made, a door notice is issued and the gas service is disconnected. A charge of $300.00 plus any amount owing will be paid in full prior to reconnection of gas services.

Operating Charges

The following is a listing of the applicable service charges for the 2017.

  • Monthly Service Fee                                     $26.75
  • Monthly System Improvement Rider          $5.50
  • Transportation (per GJ)                               $1.85
  • Fusions (per)                                                  $50.00
  • Service Person (per hour)                            $85.00
  • Service Vehicle (per hour)                           $60.00
  • Disconnect/Reconnect                                $300.00
  • Contract Transfer                                        $100.00
  • Caveat                                                           $100.00
  • NSF/Returned Cheque                                $40.00
  • Meter Install                                                  $125.00
  • Meter Removal                                              $125.00
  • Land Title Search                                         $30.00
  • Registered Letter                                          $50.00
  • Account Information - Printed                    $20.00


Swan River Natural Gas provides our customers with the following options for bill payment:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Visa / Mastercard (can be taken over the phone)
  • Interac
  • Online/Internet banking with ATB Financial, Bank of Montreal, Credit Union, Royal Bank and Scotiabank.


Swan River Natural Gas Co-op is pleased to be offering our customers the option of receiving your gas billing via email. Should this option interest you please contact the office during regular business hours at (780) 775-3779

New Services

Construction 2017

Rural: $7,355.00 ($7,000.00 + GST $350.00 + $5.00 membership fee)

Urban: $4,205.00 ($4,000.00 + GST $200.00 + $5.00 membership fee)

Alberta One-Call

Click before You Dig! or call 1-800-242-3447

Please allow 2 full working days for line locating to be completed.

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